Florida RV Motorhome Rental for Florida Film, Video & TV Production Support Services from Tampa Bay in West Gulf Coast Florida
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Florida On Location Mobile RV Motorhome Rentals
for Film, Video, & Photo Shoots

Florida's Premier Provider of
Business-related Motorhome RV Rentals.

Location: West Central Florida

* Meticulously maintained. *

* * A major TV Star said "clean as a whistle". *

30' Mobile Production Unit

 On Location Uses: 

  Standard Motorhome

  •  Base Location
  •  Talent Hang-out
  •  Hair & Makeup  
  •  Dressing Room
  •  Small Wardrobe

      * 10 feet hanging space

  •  Restroom
  •  Kitchen
  •  Storage

  Production Motorhome

  •  All of the above
  •  Large Wardrobe  

      * Up to six hanging racks 

  •  Production Room
  •  Office

We have five, very clean motorhomes, custom-configured to meet your needs, for use by crews on location for film, video and photo shoots. Most of our clients prefer to have our experienced Manager/Driver on-site to minimize the motorhome being a factor in production delays. However, we have options that allow a client-supplied driver or provide placement of the motorhome on-site in a fixed location without a driver. Because we are small and select, we can provide better Personal Service.

The only difference between Standard and Production is the Production Motorhome has the Aft Bed removed. Many of our clients have not needed the extra space and selected the Standard Motorhome to save $$.

Our Motorhomes are more mobile and flexible in meeting your specific on-location needs than large bus-style (Class-A) motorhomes. They also cost less!

Listed in "Florida Production Guide" and on Mandy.com.

  Media Professionals of Florida
  Tampa Bay & Company
      (formerly Tampa Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau)
  Association of Independent Commercial Producers.

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